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Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

date/time April 27, 2010

The advent of a variety of modern dental procedures has made dentistry an advanced technology. All these new achievements can help you easily change your looks now. If you think that you deserve the best looks then you should know about cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry uses procedures like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening treatments and dental crowns to produce effective changes in your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry crowns are utilized to make similar changes for teeth as the porcelain veneers do. There is a slight difference, though. The porcelain veneers cover the facade of the tooth, whereas the dental crowns encase the entire tooth that exists above the gum line. The cosmetic dentistry crowns are much stronger than the porcelain veneers and are more durable. The only disadvantage with the cosmetic dentistry crowns is that they require trimming away of some of the tooth.

Many cosmetic dentistry clinics provide the facility of cosmetic dentistry crowns. You must opt for the dentistry crowns only if you are looking for non-cosmetic benefits also since they cost a fair amount. The dental crowns in cosmetic dentistry are used to restore a tooth's original shape and potency. The dental crown is cemented over the tooth. It then effectively becomes the outer surface of the tooth. Basically the beauty about cosmetic dentistry is that the crown forms a hard outer case while encasing and protecting the tooth structure lying within.

Porcelain dental crowns can also be found in the cosmetic dentistry clinics. These are chiefly utilized to improve the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. In this case the crown is cemented onto the front surface of the tooth. Getting your teeth capped with the help of a porcelain veneer can sometimes be a poor choice. The exact utility of a dental crown is to restore the shape of the tooth or strengthening it. Basically the dental crown should not be used just for cosmetic purposes when there is an alternative method for the same result.

The reason for that is the dentist has to grind a significant amount of tooth when a dental crown is made. There are more conservative dental processes about cosmetic dentistry, like porcelain veneer, dental bonding and teeth whitening which will equally improve the appearance of the teeth. These procedures should be considered as a cosmetic dentistry treatment option.

Some cosmetic changes in your teeth won't be forever. For example the teeth whitening procedure will fade with time due to continuous chewing and munching. Similarly if your cosmetic dentistry crowns or the porcelain veneers break, then you have to get them replaced. When you visit the cosmetic dentistry clinics then check the amount of investment in the procedures against their efficacy. Ensure the longevity of the treatment. Also ask for the alternatives in case your cosmetic appearance breaks.

There are various cosmetic dentistry clinics that provide excellent treatments while explaining everything about cosmetic dentistry. They have professional dental teams to offer you perfect solutions at the topmost standards. The dentists pay special attention to your dental requirements. Some cosmetic dentistry clinics have latest technologies while some don't. There are variations in the treatment facilities too. Some cosmetic dentistry clinics will offer treatments at low rates while some may offer the treatment at much higher rates.