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Teeth Whitening

date/time October 2, 2009

Despite the fact that teeth whitening is primarily cosmetic, most individuals with white teeth also have healthy teeth, which is why the two go hand in hand. Finding the perfect teeth whitener and getting into a constant routine is the only way to achieve that sparkling smile.

In order for a person to have pearly white teeth and a brighter smile, teeth whitening treatment is one of the best ways of achieving this. For the purposes of bleaching the teeth, a unique gel is used in this type of treatment along with the aid of a specialized halogen light.

It is an effective method, which lightens the natural color of the teeth, whilst preventing surface damage to the tooth. It is not guaranteed that the color of the teeth will change completely, however it will certainly lighten the color the teeth. It is not possible to use teeth whitening treatment on dentures, jackets or crowns. It is only successful on natural teeth.

In order to perform the treatment, a dentist uses a special bleaching gel, which is applied gently to the patients' teeth, using a tray which is specifically made to fit the patient's mouth. Usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is the whitening agent which is used in the bleach. This allows the oxygen to get into the teeth's enamel which in effect makes the color of the teeth lighter. It is possible to continue teeth whitening treatments at home. The dentist will supply the patient with relevant instruction on how to undergo your own treatment. It is important to ensure that the treatment is being performed by a licensed dentist.

Teeth whitening treatment is usually undertaken over a period of four weeks. Once the patient has began the treatment, then regular applications of the special bleaching gel onto the teeth is required to be done at home for a few weeks, for 30 minutes to an hour per application.

Minimal side effects are experienced when using a teeth whitening treatment. Some people may experience some tooth sensitivity with cold water and certain foods after the treatment. Some people may experience a sore throat or feel a little discomfort in the gums or small white patches can appear along the gum lines. However, all of the side effects that can be experienced are temporary. It is normal for them to disappear after a few days.If the side effects do persist, then it is important to consult your dentist immediately.

Other available methods of whitening the teeth are laser whitening, or otherwise known as power whitening, which is the latest procedure available on the market. During this treatment, a laser beam targets the teeth which will activate the chemical which is applied to it. The laser light will speed up the action of the whitening chemical to lighten the color of the teeth.