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Testimonial by Mrs S

date/time November 5, 2009

Experience and Atmosphere

I was naturally apprehensive the first time I went for my Botox but was soon put at ease by the professional yet relaxed and informal atmosphere. Everything was done in a confidential manner. From the time I spent in the waiting room until I was called to the treatment room I appreciated the fact that I was treated no different to a dental patient. While I wasn’t embarrassed by the fact I was about to have Botox I didn’t particularly want anyone else to know why I was there. A lot of time was taken to explain to me what was going to happen and at no point did I feel pressured into doing anything I wasn’t 100% sure about. I was well informed at every stage and the completion of the necessary medical forms proved to me that patient care was treated very seriously.

At 41, my worse wrinkles were around my eyes – my laughter lines. After my first course of treatment these have virtually gone. The fine lines around my mouth will take more time but after my third treatment I can see a remarkable difference. As you undergo more treatments you experience less discomfort and improved results.

After the Botox I have to admit that the first night is awkward in terms of sleep depravation as you are advised to lie on your back for the best results. That said it is a small price to pay given the results. After my first and second course of Botox I had very small bruises at the entry point of some of the needles but with a touch of concealer you couldn’t tell. By my third course of Botox I had no bruises at all and the Botox looks better than the first attempt. The results appear in the first 48 hours and can take up to a week to fully develop.

What had initially made me cautious about Botox was the fact I thought you had to keep having it every 3-6 months for the rest of your life if you want to maintain the results and I simply didn’t feel I could invest that amount of money so often. That is a myth and after 4-5 treatments you only have to top up every 12-18 months. The time between my first and second treatment was 4 months and between second and third treatments 7 months. My next treatment will be in 9 months and hopefully after that yearly.

While I do not have money to squander I was fed up with wasting money on beauty regimes and skin care treatments that promised results but never delivered. I was surprised by how reasonable the cost of the Botox was. Now the money I would have spent on expensive anti aging creams is now put into my Botox fund! After all who begrudges paying the money when you get the promised results.

The Staff

Piy cares about his patients and is passionate about getting the best results for them. He is sympathetic to any possible discomfort that some of the Botox injections may cause (for me it was the fine lines on my upper lip) and offered me a local anesthetic to alleviate this. Unlike many other practitioners he will give a local anesthetic if required and wait until this takes effect. Once done I felt nothing at all. Piy takes his time to explain the procedure and provides excellent advice and after care. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes and gives months worth of self confidence.